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For your machine to operate without any error, it is vital that you keep their condition on a proper level. It is essential that you keep the service times, and the quick and professional repairs of the occasional failures.

Our Company helps you to makes sure to install the right parts!

Machine parts and components

Machine parts and servicing

Every part originates from certified manufacturers.

Rakodógép és targonca alkatrészek
Thanks to our many years of market experience, we choose components for machines, forklifts and loaders that are reliable and durable.

At AVM SERVICEMAN Kft. we can also renovate machines and install parts if necessary! We are located in Budapest, but our experienced mobile service is at the disposal of our Clients in the whole country - and even beyond!

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Parts for the periodic services

We ensure access to materials which are necessary for the maintenance of machines, forklifts and loaders.

Parts are available in pack or individually.
You can choose from genuine and other high quality parts.
The most popular service materials:

- Air filter
- Cabin filter
- Hydraulic oil filter
- Transmission oil filter
- Engine oil filter
- Rubber belt

Parts for the periodic services Budapest

The failure of the electrical system in construction machines

Neglecting to timely repair and replace parts can lead to failure of the electrical system.

These can cause sudden and unnecessary breakdowns during operation. In the winter season the low temperature and the high humidity leads to damage and may affect the operation of the machine – especially in the electrical system.

The failure of the electrical system in construction machines

Our offer for the electrical system for machines, forklifts and loaders:

- Revolution sender
- Starter, generator
- Wire harness

- Temperature sender
- Battery, Relay
- Work lights

- Computer, Actuator, Sensor
- Oil pressure sender
- Solenoid, Ignition switch

Front and back axles, bridge parts for machines.

We undertake to replace the whole system or components.

Axle, bridge machine parts Budapest

Every necessary parts can be found for the main brands in our offer:


Our thematic range:

- Axle shaft - Tie rod - Brake lamella
- King-pin - Epicyclic gear

Failures in the hydraulic system

The hydraulic system helps the driving and the operation of the machine.

Its proper functioning is absolutely essential for the sufficient functioning of the construction machinery. The repairments and replacing parts of the system are often costly.

Hydraulic implement part
Problems with the proper functioning of the hydraulic system can be easily observed in excavators and in backhoe loaders.

Before a bigger “accident” the following problems could occur:
- The noisy work of the hydraulic pump or the hydraulic motor,
- Sudden and significant pressure changes,
- Leaking oil from the pump or the hydraulic motor.

- Hydraulic pump - Driving motors - Controller
- Pressure gauge - Filters - Seals
- Hydraulic hoses - Hydraulic cylinders

Troubleshooting the hydraulic system:
Diagnostics of the hydraulic system consists primarily of pressure measurement, flow and leakage checking. Significant deviations from the normal value indicate problems with the hydraulic system. Operating the machine with a fault in the hydraulic system can lead to a failure of the entire system, so the quick replacement of each component will protect the machine from prolonged standstills and overhauls.

Some Hydraulic Component Manufacturers We Distribute Parts:

Efficient engine operation

Wide range of machine, forklift and loader engines and parts.

We also offer engine parts for many models. At the customer's request, we can also supply parts of less common machine motors. Both the basic components and the smaller accessories. (BOBCAT, JCB, CATERPILLAR, YANMAR, PERKINS, KUBOTA…)

Machine Service

We offer engine parts in a wide range:
- Seals, O-rings, Pistons, Rings,
- Pins, Valves, Idle roller,
- Inject pumps, Belts,
- Generators, Starters
- Emission, Period cycle

Key parameters of excavator engine:
- Low fuel consumption
- High torque with low revolution speed
- High performance
- Emission, Period cycle

And many more engine parts for construction machines

Replacement of the engine parts
To identify the individual components, you must first describe the main data on the engine, which is indicated on the engine of the forklift, loader or machine.

We provide the highest quality of the delivered components.
The above product catalog does not exhaust our offer. Therefore, we encourage you to get in direct contact.

Feel free to contact our colleagues who are at your disposal!

Buckets for every type of machine

Buckets for every type of machine:

- Excavator bucket – mainly for moving sand, earth or gravel – trapezoidal bucket
- Loader bucket – to move various types of loose materials, such as coal, gravel, stones
- Mechanic quick couplers – for the fast fitting of the attachments

We offer wide range of buckets from reliable manufacturers.

Teeth, cutting edges for the bucket ofexcavators and loaders
Teeth and cutting edges occur on all types of machines. We also offer teeth for mini excavators and large wheel loaders. Due to the characteristics of the excavators and loaders and their hard work, the teeth on the buckets wear out and break.

That is why we offer a wide range for all types of machines.

Machine windshields and glasses

Glasses for machines

Construction work involves a number of mechanical damage. Construction machines usually work on rough terrain, causing frequent damage to glass. Replacing cracked or broken machine glass is essential for safe working.

Forklift, loader or machine windshield component
That is why every machine glass that we offer is certified. Our range includes heat-treated and laminated glass. According to our customer-preferences, we supply original and high-quality aftermarket machinery, forklift and loader glasses.

Fast delivery!
AVM SERVICEMAN Kft. is located in Budapest. At our site, "basic" machine glasses are always available so we can start shipping immediately.

Our offer:
JCB glass: JCB 3CX, JCB 4CX
CAT glass: CAT 428, CAT M312, CAT M315, CAT M318, CAT320
Volvo glass: Volvo BL71, Volvo EC210, Volvo EW160, Volvo L120E, Volvo L180F, Volvo L30, Volvo L45

we also have genuine or aftermarket windshields and glasses for these types!

Accessory parts

Mechanical damage due to use can damage the equipment of your machine.

We offer the same quality parts as the original:
Seats - Mudguards - Plastic components - Mirrors - Gas springs
Side steps - Locks, handles - Windscreen wipers - Door stop


If you are interested please contact us.

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